Children's Tennis

Junior coaching program 

Junior Coaching Programme 

We have a comprehensive pathway for children's classes to learn tennis, split into stages, starting from ages 3 up to 17 years. Our term timetable is below, additional classes can also be added and we have a week’s break for half term.

Pink Ball

Tots Tennis is for the really little ones, 3 - 4 years - this is a fun and easy way to start tennis. The lessons consist of basic movements, skills and simple hitting so your child is able to do their first hits as soon as possible! 

Red Ball

Red Tennis is for children aged 5-8 years old and consists of learning the basic strokes, lots of movement and co-ordination – lessons take place on a smaller court and of course it's all lots of fun too! 

Orange Ball

Orange Tennis is for children aged approximately 8-9 years old and consists of enhancing the strokes from red tennis, ability skills, co-ordination and simple tactics. Lessons take place on a 3/4 length court with orange balls - a bit easier than a full tennis court!

Green Ball

Green Tennis is for children approximately 9-10 years old who are able to play on a full court. Green balls are used so slightly easier than yellow tennis balls, players continue to enhance their strokes, tactics and match play! 

Yellow Ball

Yellow Tennis is for children aged 11 - 17 years approximately who are able to play on a full court, with the players learning all the shots in tennis, tactical situations and match play. 

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